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About Us

I'm a layperson that in 2015 experienced a renewed hunger for studying The Word.  I returned to seriously studying the Bible.  I enrolled at Christians Leaders Institute for online Biblical studies. I started my journey in 2015, and I became an ordained deacon minister on February 25th, 2019.  My hope and prayers are to start a Christians Motorcyclist Association chapter in my hometown of Dubuque, IA.. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for thirty-one years.  Up until I turned thirty-one I lived my life mostly for personal pleasure, and worldly pursuits. if you had something I wanted or could use to my advantage you were my instant friend. When the service you offered was no longer need neither were you. I hurt and disappointed many people that crossed my path during those troubling years.  I still ask for forgiveness from anyone that I wronged from those years I was an unbeliever. When Donna and I were blessed with our only child I understood what unconditional love was all about. After our daughters birth I could relate to The Lord's unconditional love for all.  I ask for prayers for this upcoming ministry, prayers to stand strong in The Word, prayers to witness to believers/unbelievers, and the strength through the Holy Spirit to do God's will in my life.  Donna has been an anchor in my life since I was sixteen.  She is a fantastic wife and has supported me when needed and has been the voice of reason at many crossroads in life we have encountered. Donna is a woman of God and a blessing to everyone she encounters.

our Leaders:
Robert Maas
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Donna Maas

Womens's Ministry

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